How to grow deal revenue with insights to extend brand reach

September 18, 2023 2 min read

  • Andy Sharkey

    Director, Product Management - Expansion Team at Permutive

This article focuses on Permutive’s new product, Prospecting, which accelerates publishers’ direct deal pipeline.

  • The accelerating trend of brands shifting their marketing spend from open marketplace (OMP) to direct-sold (private and curated marketplaces) due to challenges with open web addressability. While this has led to a decrease in OMP revenue for publishers (-25% in Q4 2022), select innovative publishers have seen an increase in their overall revenue by taking control with direct-sold programmatic (+55% in Q1 2023). 

    Publishers successfully incentivise brands to form direct deals by differentiating their direct-sold offering from OMP, focusing on improving a brand’s audience reach. This article focuses on Permutive’s new product, Prospecting, which accelerates publishers’ direct deal pipeline by providing insights demonstrating to brands how direct deals can extend their audience reach compared to their OMP campaigns.

    How it Works

    Prospecting analyses your OMP activity and identifies the brands with the highest propensity to form a direct deal with you. It achieves this by reporting on your top spending OMP brands, auditing their existing reach on your media (isolating the factors preventing a brand from realising the total reach potential of their marketing campaign), and offering recommended audience targeting to extend that brand’s reach. 

    When your sales team approaches a brand for a direct sale, they can demonstrate how working together directly, vs. through open market alone, will improve the brand’s marketing outcomes. Backed by marketplace intelligence, your team will know exactly what audience targeting to sell, and to whom, and be able to activate it within a few clicks.


    In addition to its brand-level insights, Prospecting leverages Google’s Vertex A.I. to categorise brands into IAB-defined categories, enabling you to consume open marketplace performance insights by vertical. 

    You can get a quick snapshot of the types of budgets your media and audiences are capturing, as well as the types of budgets you’re missing out on. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses in your demand portfolio will enable your sales team to build on your strengths while opening an opportunity to unlock non-endemic budgets. 

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