Lets show the world what's possible

Working at Permutive means working on something groundbreaking. We're technology creators out to make possible a world where the data we create on our devices is useful, without compromising on our privacy. And we're building a better kind of tech company as we do it.
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Investors, dreamers and discoverers welcome

At this stage in our journey, everyone who works for us makes a real difference to Permutive’s long-term direction. We’ll give you the space and the safety nets to take the initiative, embrace autonomy, and do your best work yet.

  • We support each other

    Everyone here is in it together. We give a hand to those around us because we know they'll always give a hand back. We like to understand and appreciate different points of view, and we work in good faith and assume good intentions.

  • We're always learning

    We give each other space to flourish, experiment, fail, and move forward stronger, because iterating is how we improve. We're aware of our strengths and open about mistakes and weaknesses, because we know they give us the best opportunity to learn and grow.

  • We make things possible

    We stay focussed on solutions and outcomes. Instead of 'why?' we ask 'why not?', and understand what we need to get the right things done. And we're not afraid to do things differently, because differently is often the best way to succeed.

Forget everything you know about tech company culture

Permutive is a place where you can be yourself.
While we do work hard, this won’t be your stereotypical start-up experience. You’ll spend your days in a mature, open and caring atmosphere, where we’re all mindful of each other’s feelings and needs. And because we want to enjoy our work, we give ourselves time and space to enjoy life away from it. Our technology works like no one else’s, so why should our company?

A workplace for you to thrive

We believe everybody is entitled to a decent salary, time to rest, and to feel rewarded by their work. This is just a snapshot of some of the best-in-class benefits we're offering to you.

Feel valued

We use proven compensation data to ensure our salaries are in the top 25th percentile.

Diversity & Inclusion

We’re taking a thoughtful, intersectional, long-term approach to diversity, equity & inclusion. We care deeply about creating an inclusive work environment that allows everyone to flourish, and we are taking continual action to progress in that direction.

Quality family time

All new Permutive parents get 6 months' leave at full pay as standard, including for adoptions, to give us the best chance of being the parents we want to be.

Free US healthcare

We cover 100% of our US employees’ health and dental insurance and 75% of your dependents’. We also have a 401(k) plan.

Time to relax

Our approach to paid leave is simple: take as much as you need in order to stay happy, healthy, and productive.

Your wellbeing

Everyone at Permutive has full access to Spill, our mental wellbeing partner.

The way things are, isn't the way they have to be

We’re always looking for people who can inspire and change us for the better. So, if you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you.