How The Independent is building audiences and driving revenue

Presentation, Q&A

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Watch this webinar as The Independent share insights from their transformative shift to being a first-party data-only publisher.

  • Developing a robust direct-sold first-party data strategy is paramount for publishers looking to establish a sustainable advertising business. For publishers that make the right moves and transform their data approaches effectively, this is an opportunity to expand offerings and increase revenue. 

    By watching this event, you will gain insight into the role of first-party data in the sales process, campaign optimization, and hear real-world examples that highlight the direct impact of leveraging data on revenue growth and audience engagement.

    This knowledge-sharing session includes a conversation with Permutive and The Independent. Learn about the future of first-party data, emerging trends, and the opportunities that lie ahead for publishers.

  • Speakers

    • Morika Georgieva
      Director, Customer Success & Technical Services at Permutive

    • Alistair Smith
      Head of Commercial Data & Insight, The Independent