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Permutive’s privacy-forward audience platform helps publishers build audiences and develop insights to win more RFPs, grow re-bookings and build deeper relationships with advertisers based on data.
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"Permutive has been immensely beneficial in growing our business, we're seeing a lot more line items per IO with audience requests, which means that Permutive is helping us bring in more money.”

Paul Likins, VP of Revenue Operations, a360 Media

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Monetize 100% of your audience 

Addressability has collapsed to 30% — open marketplace (OMP) revenue is in free fall.

Publishers are addressing this head-on by building direct-sold businesses on top of Permutive, monetizing 100% of audiences and building deeper and long-term relationships with advertisers.

Increase revenue

Permutive enables publishers to increase their ad revenue and advertisers to increase reach by future-proofing against OMP collapse, user opt-out, and the deprecation of third-party cookies. 

Permutive advertisers can collaborate with premium publishers to target all audiences with precision and scale while safeguarding data privacy. No third-party cookies required.

  • 4x

    increase in revenue powered by their audience data (Insider Inc.)

  • 26%

    year-on-year growth in direct-sold revenue for 2022 (BuzzFeed)

  • 91%

    increase in revenue year-on-year quarterly revenue (Financial Times)

  • 2.1x

    increase in impressions served when addressing audiences in all environments, including cookie-blocked (Global beverage CPG brand)

"We saw a depression in open market CPMs, and realised we had to look at strategies that would help us monetize our inventory on a direct basis more effectively - that's where Permutive and our first-party data strategy came into play.”

Brett Goverman, Associate Vice President of Data Strategy, Penske Media Corporation

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The world’s leading ads businesses choose Permutive

Take a look at some of the publishers transforming their business with our patented audience platform.

Permutive makes it

Empowering publishers to sell audiences via direct deals more effectively

Our publishers are benefitting from using their first-party data to drive direct deals. Trusted Media Brands (TMB) – home to publishing brands such as Reader’s Digest, Taste of Home, and The Pet Collective – were experiencing issues with scale and reaching users on their first visit across all browsers.

Permutive supports TMB to sell more effectively through first-party data. TMB can now proactively bring their advertising partners insights about their audience and provide detailed mid- and post-campaign wrap-ups.

  • 140%

    increase in revenue from deals using first-party data

  • 31%

    increase in RFP win-rate when data is on an IO

  • 2X

    increase in deal size when data is present on an IO vs no data

  • 94%

    of direct-sold campaigns use first-party data

Built for scale and safety via patented technology

This confidence in first-party data is made possible by our patented on-device processing, or edge processing, which sits at the core of Permutive technology. An astonishing amount of data is produced each day: Only Permutive’s on-device processing can unlock its value, scale, and reach every user in a privacy-forward way.

  • Privacy by design

    Privacy by design

    Edge processing minimizes the data that leaves a user’s device, by processing and anonymizing it on the device itself.

  • Cut out the cloud

    Optimized for page speed

    No cloud processing, no cloud limitations. Maximize storage, accelerate processing, and minimize latency for immediate insights and audience targeting.

  • Efficiency: always

    100% addressability

    Address every ad impression with data, with millisecond processing times.